Ankr & Liquid Staking

OnX Farming to Ankr Holders

A farming pool for Ankr holders is active to enable Ankr token holders to receive OnX rewards and incentivize these users to further use the OnX Finance platform.

OnX Farming to Ankr reward-bearing staked ETH (aETHc) holders

A farming pool for aETHc holders is active to enable Ankr token holders to receive OnX rewards on aETHc staking rewards, which are embedded in aETHc (reward bearing token) fair value price (extractable only when Ethereum 2.0 will enable unstaking ETH at phase 1.5).

OnX Farming to ETH/aETHc liquidity providers (Uniswap v2)

A farming pool for aETHc/ETH LP token holders is active and rewarding ONS tokens (onStable platform) to aETHc liquidity providers on Uniswap v2.

OnX Farming to aETHc/onETH liquidity providers

onETH (formerly onE) is a ETH stablecoin backed by aETHc. To incentivize liquidity of onETH, users are incentivized to provide liquidity onETH/aETHc and received farming rewards.

OnX Airdrop to Ankr Holders

With the support of major DeFi projects like Curve, we believe Ankr StakeFi's ETH2 bonds (aETHc and aETHb) will be the leader in ETH 2.0 staking as the go-to bond token for DeFi users. To encourage this further, we participated in an exchange airdrop to ANKR holders on supporting major exchanges.

All ANKR holders on these exchanges received a portion of 1 ONX token for every 10,000 ANKR tokens. This helped with initial exposure for the OnX ecosystem as well as significantly benefiting all ANKR token holders.

This snapshot was taken on December 24th, 2020, at Ethereum block height of 11,513,500.

All participating exchanges released the OnX into the accounts of ANKR holders at that time. If you can not see your OnX, check to see that "hide small balances" isn't selected.

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