NFT Alliance Series

The second wave of ONX NFTs

Hello OnX and NFT Lovers! The next wave of OnX NFTs is here and will be called the "Alliance Series"

Each NFT will be a show of appreciation for the other projects that have helped OnX become what it is today. These will take a bit longer to acquire than the Series 0 did and you'll be able to stake more than you could last time, here are some details:

There will be 100 of each NFT available

You will be able to stake 500-2500 sONX in the farm. At max staking (2500 sONX) it will take 4 days to farm enough for an NFT (10,000 points)

The team is actively pursuing use cases for this series of NFTs. The team wants to hear from you, please share your ideas for how the NFTs could be used. Keep it simple, everything done with this series will have to be done manually. If you have an idea for an NFT use case, please make a post in the OnX community portal ( with the title "Alliance Series NFT proposal". Again, keep it simple and straight forward.

Official statement on the functionality of these NFTs until further notice: The functionality is TBD As soon as we decide, we will let you all know 😊 The first Alliance NFT will be revealed and the farm will open Sunday 4/4/2021

Farm here-

How to get your Staked OnX NFT rewards!

If you have OnX staked on the OnX platform, you have a token in your wallet called "sONX", the address for this token is:

(Do NOT sell or trade this token. Losing possession of this token will result in you losing your staked OnX)

Click Here to see a list of all the available OnX Reward NFTs (Your wallet must be active and on the Ethereum Mainnet)

At the top of this screen, go to "Staking Options" and click "Stake" then choose an amount between 500 and 2500 sONX. You will now have to approve the transaction (You will only have to do this once) it should be about $4 - $8 in ETH for this step Then you need to click "Stake Now!" (This step should cost about $20 in ETH)

After it processes, you'll notice the number at the top now says "Staking 500.000000 SONX" and the "EARNED" points will start to go up. However, many sONX you stake is how many points you will earn in 24 hours. So if you stake 100 sONX, you will get 100 points every 24 hours.

The amount of points needed to redeem any of the NFT options are indicated under each of the NFTs. Once you reach the needed amount of points to redeem an NFT, simply click "redeem" under the desired selection. To see your collection of NFTs, please look at the left of the screen and click "Your Wallet" and then "Wallet Options" "Register Collection" Paste this collection address:

  • 0xF7C56AA01A68cE299c7603b76684936C9413c98f

You are now the proud owner of an OnX NFT!

These NFTs can be seen in your MetaMask wallet (on mobile under "collectables") on OpenSea or in your Unifty wallet.

Side Note: The number of staked OnX shown on your OnX dashboard will decline by the amount you stake on Unifty but rest assured, you are still collecting rewards on it and you are still getting compound APY.

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